I'm Kourtney.

Thats me, pictured above.
Yes, I just got married! To my best friend ever, we met when we were 18 (awhh).

One important fact about me: I'm slightly obsessed with dinosaurs. By slightly, I mean I am... I am obsessed.

Also pictured above, are our three goofy dogs. Kota, Maui and Bentley. (Not pictured: my lizard Blue, he's awesome though)
If you have a dog, please bring it to photos, I love dogs.
Actually I love all animals, so you know what, bring me all the animals.

I think most things in life should be photographed, sometimes life moves so quickly, we simply forget to enjoy the little moments.
I'm obsessed with details.
I love what I do.

I look forward to getting to know you.