The 5-Minute Newborn Hat

I admit it, I've got an obsession... Newborn props (hats, headbands, baskets, etc). I feel like lately all I've been doing is shopping for new props! I've been antiquing four times in the last week, it might be time to cut me off. As some of you may know, newborn props are not cheap! So I'm trying to make as many as I can on my own. Here is how I made this super easy, yet adorable little hat!

I went to Goodwill, the sweaters are all about $4.99, but there's always 50% off deals, so that's at least two hats for $2.50! Not bad, not bad at all.

You want to make sure that the sleeve will stretch, a newborn's head is around 14''. 

You can cut it to any length you want, it could be a little sleeper cap or more like a beanie. Make sure you leave enough room to tie the knot though.  


I am in no way good at sewing, but I can sew a line. That's all you need to be able to do for this. 

Don't forget to turn it right side out before the next step.

Easy as that! The sewing is even optional, you could make it a 2-minute hat, it just has a more unfinished feel to me. You can add whatever you would like to it, here I safety pinned an old felt flower onto it. I'm going to try to make different style hats with the body of the sweater, we'll see what I come up with.