Iphones and Impossible subjects.

Some of you may know that I recently quit my oh-so-exciting job at the pizza place. I wanted to have my weekends free so I could book as many photo sessions possible. My "job" that replaced my time at Nick-n-Willies, was watching the two most adorable, yet crazy kiddos. One being my nephew, Lucas, at age three. And the other, Miss Hayden, age four. They keep me busy, but a day watching spongebob, fighting bad guys, and playing at the park is a day well spent. Speaking of the park, that's where we ended up on this BEAUTIFUL 65 degree day. Lu and Hayden happened to be in bright spring colors, and while they stood next to each other I could not resist the urge to snap one picture. This is where the impossible subjects plays in. I have the two most photogenic kids day after day, but am I constantly taking pictures of them? No. They turn on me when the camera comes out. "We don't want to take no pictures!" They chant. They're too fast, and never look at me so I rarely even try. Today though, I was determined to get at least one photo. I bribed them with chocolate, telling them if they smile just once they get it. One would be ready for the shot, but by the time the other got there the first one had run off and was fifteen feet above our heads yelling down at us. Finally, after saying I was going to eat the chocolate, they both came shooting down the slide yelling "cheese!". Did I have my nice camera with me? No. But for those who have Iphones, you know how easy it is to still get a good shot. So that's what I did, and now I have a rare shot of the kiddos who are the most impossible subjects!