Preparing for the weekend.

I sit here, finally getting a chance to settle down for the night, eating some chocolate, listening to Pandora. Jack Johnson, "Angel" is playing, which is just what I needed after today. Being a bit of a procrastinator, I just now finished preparing for the weekend full of picture taking! The first shoot I have is a 'smash the cake' session. After finishing the sewing on the bow tie, picking up the cake, and getting the studio ready, I am beyond excited to do this! I'll be posting some sneak peaks tomorrow afternoon, so keep your eyes open. The second session I have is an engagement shoot of a very lovely couple. Lexie, you have stuck with me since the very beginning of my photo taking journey, and have helped me out by giving me my first newborn to shoot. I can't believe I will already be doing his six month pictures! Looking forward to seeing you guys! Oh! forgot to mention, between these two shoots listed above, I have to stop by and snap a few photos of a dessert table that Simply Sweets is doing for their open house. They made the cake pictured below for my shoot tomorrow... Seriously, how awesome are they? That completes my picture taking for the day tomorrow then I have one more shoot Sunday. Let's just hope the weather stays nice! 

Time for the final step of preparation: Sleep! 

Ps. Praying tonight for the fire by Horsetooth. 

IMG_3137 copy.jpg